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Media Relations

What is "media relations" and how does it work? If it's your first time working with a publicist or PR firm, you may have some questions about our process. Here, we explain what goes into a Buzzword PR media relations campaign, who we work with and how we work.

We have to love what you do.
We are choosey about the clients we take on. Passion can't be faked. If we are going to get other people excited about your brand, we have to be pretty excited about it ourselves. We have to sincerely think your product or service is really interesting, innovative or exceptional.

Defining your brand identity.
Now that we've decided we want to work with each other, the first order of business is to define what makes your brand so special. What are you doing better than anybody else? What are you doing that nobody else is doing? What inspired you to do it that way? What's your backstory? We come up with a narrative and a series of messaging points that capture your brand. Once we know what the story is, we start thinking about how to best relay it to target audiences. At this point, we start doing a lot of writing. Press releases, web copy, press kit materials and "pitch" letters are the basic building blocks of a media relations campaign.

Defining your target audience and how to reach them.
It's now time for a thorough brainstorm. Who is most interested in your brand and its message? What age groups, gender, income brackets, ethnic groups, religious groups, social classes, political affiliations and education levels? And where do they get their news? Which publications do they read, which websites and blogs do they frequent, which television programs do they watch and which radio stations do they listen to? If your brand's message is something that may be of interest to anybody and everybody, we must broadcast your message to as many people as possible through high-circulation mainstream media outlets. If it's only relevant to certain select audiences, we should narrowcast through smaller-circulation, niche media outlets.

We think of all the people who would possibly like to learn about your brand and all the media channels by which we can reach them. Media channels include:

  • Print (National, Regional, Local or Community Newspapers; Industry-specific Trade Magazines; Consumer Magazines)
  • Broadcast (Television, Radio)
  • Online (Blogs, News Websites, Online Magazines, Online Companion Sites to Print and Broadcast Outlets, Social Media Sites)
  • Wire Services
We want a pitcher. Not a belly itcher.
Once we have written all our PR materials and we've made our target press list, we're ready to start "pitching" journalists. We start contacting journalists-writers, reporters, editors, columnists, reviewers, producers, bookers, bloggers, DJs and radio/TV hosts-individually (by phone, email and, sometimes, snail mail) and explain to them what makes your brand stand-out and why their specific audiences would be especially interested in knowing about your company or organization.

Throughout the whole process, we keep in close contact with you, the client, keeping you posted on our progress and sharing monthly media reports itemizing all the press coverage you have received.

  • Press Releases
  • Executive/Individual Bios
  • Company Profiles or Backgrounders
  • Fact Sheets
  • Website Copy

Social Media Content Creation

Along with your brand's website, its social media profiles are among its first touchpoints with potential clients, audiences, customers and fans. Social media is a fast, smart, efficient and economical way to connect with your target demographic. But a strong social media presence requires lots of upkeep, time, creativity and labor.

Are you just too busy to update your status every day? No worries. Buzzword PR has you covered. We create engaging, content-rich social media profiles, in keeping with your brand's messaging and tone, for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and more. Not only do we produce original content promoting your products and services, but we scour the internet for links to articles, videos and pictures that will specifically be of interest to your followers. We'll keep eyeballs returning to your social media pages and find you quality followers in no time.
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